The Right to Freedom is canvassed in Articles 19–22, with the perspective on ensuring individual rights. In any case, a portion of the rights are subject to security of the State, attentive connection with far-off nations, public request, fairness, or ethical quality and for which certain limitations might be overpowered by the State on individual freedom under determined condition.

The fundamental freedoms subjects:-
  • Freedom of Speech and Expression
  • Freedom of Assembly
  • Freedom of form Associations
  • Freedom of Movement
  • Freedom of Residence and Settlement
  • Freedom of Profession, Occupation, Trade and
  • Business
The right to privacy is the newest right assured by the Supreme Court of India. It assures the people's data and personal security. The right to privacy is an intrinsic part of Article 21 (the Right to Freedom) that protects the life and liberty of the citizens.

Source: Wikipedia