Hi, Let me tell you "what is occult science?"
Before going to know what occult science is let us type "Occult Meaning" in google search. Wow! Amazingly we found the result as shown below.

So, What Does “Occult” Mean?
The term occult sciences was used in the 16th century to refer to astrology, alchemy, and natural magic[source]. According to google search dictionary "Occult Meaning" is mystical, supernatural, or magical powers, practices, or phenomena. Now let us bring all this in to a single word 'occult means hidden, invisible or secret'. But it is complicated to describe the exact meaning of occult because almost everyone has a complex view of what the term occult means in their own perspective.

Is the Occult Evil?
When I tell someone that I'm researching on the occult subject, I receive strange looks. “They imagine occult as evil,” Trust me occult is no eviler than human nature itself. Occult is also a subject like quantum physics etc...

Types of Occult?
Occultism is a incorporation of various subjects, theories, and philosophies, including but not limited to
  • Hermetic occultism
  • Christian occultism
  • Jewish occultism
  • Eastern occultism
  • Satanic occultism
  • Shamanic occultism
  • Freemasonry
  • Voodoo
  • Wiccan and pagan occultism
  • Chaos Magic
  • Eclectic occultism
Some of these religious occultists claim to have initiation, but the occult is not a conspiracy to control the world.

Does Quantum Physics Confirm The Occult?
Including me, Some believe quantum physics is thickly linked to spirituality. Some experts believe the consciousness and  mind phenomena that appear in the brain is supported by the quantum field. But I am not sure about this because it's just a belief without any scientific evidence. I am still on the way to research if you are into the same research and if you have new evidence and latest updates please let me know about it. Your support really add value to my research. Thank You...

Is Occult Myth or Real?
The occult is hidden knowledge or wisdom. Occult works on signs, emotions, and vibrations. For example, we can feel people's emotions even they are not with us. Some people believe it's real and others believe its myth based on their experiences. According to me, it's a vast subject and ancient wisdom with may pros and cons to be proven scientifically.  

Misconceptions About The Occult!
Here I would like to share some misconceptions about the occult. 
  • Some misconception is we can get infinite power. 
  • Occult practitioners will be good at dark art.
  • We can control other's minds.
  • We can call and talk to evil spirits or gods.
  • We can control the opposite gender's mind for sex.
  • We can solve all family and financial problems.
  • We can solve all our mental problems.
  • We can rule the dark magical world.
  • We can make objects to fly or move with occult powers.
  • We can convert poison to drinking water.
  • We can do miracles and mystery in the world.
  • Many more misconceptions to say......
Just Enjoy a small video
Note*: The above video is used for public awareness only to show how people use occult and black magic to mislead the people.

Note: The above misconceptions only happens in movies. I would like to suggest if you find people doing this kind of thing in the name of occult you can inform local Govt. bodies who can take action against these people or take help of human rights activists or miracle buster to solve this kind of miracles and mystery. 
This blog is not meant to oppose or distruct anyone. It is written and  meant for the sake of  social and mental uplifment of people of society.
Thank You 
Image Source : pixabay