Have you ever been frustrated by photo thieves on the internet and social media? Is someone stealing your pictures online?

Just because you find images/photos publically does mean using them without any credits. Today I have decided to give some tips about protecting images from photo/image theft. 
  • Do you ever think about how to project images on the internet? 
  • How to avoid people from downloading photos/images? 

Let us start knowing about image/photo theft.

What is image/photo theft?
When someone uses a photo/image without the copyright holder's permission can be considered as image/photo theft. The major misconception that the photo/image found on the internet is freely licensed or royalty-free, but the photo is subject to copyright.

What to do if images/photos stolen, and how to prevent it?
Watermark your pictures to prevent image theft. Yes, the watermark will help you make the image/photos secure for use by copyright, and the first thing to approach legal* if you are the victim of image/photos theft, perhaps you want to inform to remove the photos/image.

Who steals images the most?
Most of the image/photo stealers are online business people, Social media users and bloggers, Individual professionals, sometimes honey trappers, and others.
Below image will tell you more about the photo/image theft.

Note* - Please note that the information in this post is provided for educational purposes only, is not intended to be, and does not constitute legal advice.