A few days back I was watching YouTube videos about corona-virus, I guess even you people watched it...

while watching YouTube I came across some news videos about "Honey Trapping" and honey trapping is a threat to society.

Before talking about online honey trapping, I would like to show you some honey trapping videos in Hyderabad and Bengaluru.

Scene 1 [ Hyderabad ]

In Scene 1, If you see this lady!!! She trapped a rich person in the name of friendship and open-relationship, Later she invited him to the hotel and demanded money up-to 20 Lakhs (2 Million) and 1 Crore Bond [Source].

Scene 2 [ Visakha ]

In Scene 2, A team of 24 girls running a fake website and telecalling services to trap visakha boys for money [Source

Scene 3

In Scene 3, Beautiful girl trapped a politician by recording all his calls and videos and smashed his political career.

Scene 4 [Bengaluru]

In Scene 4, A team of 3 people (1 Girl and 2 Boys) used Facebook to trap the target. They started to record the calls and videos to blackmail target for money. They also blackmail target by saying they go to media [Source].

Scene 5 [Bengaluru]

In Scene 5, The entire family involved in honey trapping. mother, daughter, father, and his brother. these people trapped a person and provoked for sex, later they took photos and blackmailed for 73 lakhs 55 thousand money[Source].

I hope you got to know what is honey trapping based on the above scene. Lets us know more about honey trapping in a small video.

What is Honey Trapping?

Honey trapping is a practice to use romance and sexual relationships for trapping a target.

Why they trap target?
The main reasons for trapping the target as mentioned below.
  • Blackmail for money.
  • Blackmail for property.
  • Blackmail for marriage. 
  • Political distraction and 
  • Many other reasons.

How they trap target?
  • We can't even predict why they are trapping and how they are trapping the target.
  • Some times they trap target using social media networks.
  • If target own a website, even they may collecting data from website to trap the target.
  • They trap target by asking for business help and other help, etc
  • There are "N" number of reasons to trap the target.  

How they blackmail target? 
Honey trapping people are very intelligent and smart.
  • First, they collect all target's audio recordings.
  • Second, they try to collect videos or video call recordings.
  • Third, they will collect all target's message chat.
  • Fourth, Thy collect some screen shots of target's.
  • Fifth, they collect target's personal details like address, contact number etc...
after collecting all these types of information's they will start blackmailing target to fulfill their demands. If we see scene 4 even honey trappers tried to blackmail in the name of media. They even blackmailed the target telling they will give all the recordings and proofs to media and had collected money.

How should we protect ourselves from the honey trap?
The best thing is to avoid them. Yes! Just avoid them, stop messaging them, be away from them. Now we all know honey trap is a romance and sexual-based trap. Honey trappers always target our weaknesses like family, friends, and legacy etc.. don't be panic if they blackmail you just launch a police complaint and explain the situation to your family and friends.

Friends, be careful with online friendship... negative thoughts are more dangerous than corona-virus.


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