The woman is just a servant and slave to a man. Men are always the upper hand.

An innocent wife was scolded by her husband when she explained her vision of starting an NGO and planning to become a woman entrepreneur.

Let's know the story of that woman in her own words.

Hi, my name is Seetha and many of you know my name from the period of Ramayana. I am not Rama's Seetha.

I am a lovely daughter, completing my Ph.D. in social work, my father is my role model. My father always wanted to help others and spend 60% of his income on the poor and needy. Even he adopted me from “Anantha ashram” and gave life to me.

My father always wanted me to be independent and helped me to develop entrepreneurial skills. His inspiring words and social lifestyle made me think of starting an NGO and startup company together.

After completing my Ph.D., I decided to take my father's vision of helping the poor and needy as a passion. For that, I developed a plan where anyone who is in need can get instant help, and I was planning to become a digital entrepreneur as a profession.

I am very much happy to launch this social program and startup parallel in a couple of months.

But god's plan and play are different. All of a sudden my father started to talk about marriage and made me get married. After a couple of days of marriage, I made up my mind to explain my startup idea and social project to my husband, and his reaction was.....!

You women, are just servants and slaves to men. “Men are always the upper hand” don't think of spending money on others...! which disappointed me.

Now, I am just a wife of a husband who always wanted me to work in the kitchen and be like a slave.

My husband may be rude at that second, but he loves me very much. He doesn't want me to do social work or become an entrepreneur.

He wanted me to take care of the family.

After this, I just thought to explain all this incident to my father, but suddenly my heart said “Don't hurt father by saying this”.

On the same day evening, my husband gave me a sudden surprise by taking me to a candle-light dinner, full of love asking me for forgiveness and felt sorry for scolding a woman and took his words back and convinced me to be a housewife without thinking of social work and entrepreneurship.

After this incident, I struggled a lot between the husband's love, the father's vision, and my dream. Keeping my mind full of confusion, I made my decision to be a housewife taking care of the family with no choice.

Now, my life starts with a romantic wake-up call from my husband. I learned the art of spending time, cooking, washing, and taking care of my family. In my free time, I was reading books and magazines and doing some online research about my passion.

Once I found an interesting article which changed the dimension of my thinking. The article was “How To Start A Career in Freelance Writing And Journalism?”  After reading “How To Start A Career in Freelance Writing And Journalism?” I got to know that I can start writing about my passion online sitting at home. This gave wings to my dreams, passion, and profession.

As a profession, I wanted to become a digital entrepreneur but I never know where to start. “How To Start A Career in Freelance Writing And Journalism?”  gave me the perfect idea to start writing e-books and articles. But the sad part is I never got readers to read my articles. So I did some google research about "How to get readers and followers online" and I got a wonderful article that made my writings go viral.

After my article goes viral my passion and profession took a new shape. I started to write articles on blogs as a guest writer, I got an opportunity to be a ghostwriter, my articles got published in many reputed websites and blogs globally, I wrote an e-book named “My father's vision” which sold 10 million copies of $2 each in the Amazon Kindle which changed my life and bought me 18 million dollars profit, even my husband supported me working online without disturbing family life.

I invested all the profit to my father's vision of helping the poor and needy.

All this happened in a span of  8 to 12 months sitting at home working online with mobile and laptop.

I know, you think this is funny

The above-mentioned women entrepreneurs are some examples of earning 6 to 7 figure income online. You can find many examples online.

Hi, friends. In front of my eyes, many couples took a divorce due to a lack of financial understanding and other personal reasons. Just because your husband or wife says no to your business or anything you wish for, does not mean he or she hates you.

Money, business, finance is secondary when it comes to family and love. 

I know - I know you have many reasons to prove money is primarily important. You can buy me a beautiful gift with love, but you can't buy love.

Family, life, love, and relationship is always beautiful and money makes it secure to have a wonderful journey.

Sometimes sacrificing gives you a better opportunity.

Hi friends, my husband wants to speak with you...!

Hi folks, I am Ramesh working as a software developer in a reputed company. I am very sorry for scolding the woman at the beginning. I feel sorry for that, please forgive me from your hearts.

My wife taught me a lesson that "women are equal to men" and sometimes better too. I am proud to say she achieved her dream and vision sitting at home in her free time balancing family life.
The wife and husband having a good understanding make the happy family more happier.
Thank you
A lovely couple...