Digital media is an opportunity for youth now in the era of digital media. Digital media for the last five or six years. The use of video sites like YouTube and Vimeo is becoming more and more popular. After the influence of social media increased, the concept and definition of media, press, and journalism also changed.

According to a study, millions and billions of people use digital media globally today. The favorable outcome of many businesses in the world today depends on the marketing and popularity of digital media. Thus today's youth are moving towards digital media rather than radio, offline, print media or press.

In the world, 70+ percent of European people using social media, while 65+ percent of people in Asia using it. Today many things are decided by social media.

Let's understand how to find, develop and develop a career in digital media or digital media.

According to a study done last year in 2020 - 2021, 5+ billion people world wide used cell phones, 4+ billion people use's broadband, and 4+ billion were active social media users. Active social media users account for 53+ percent of the worlds population.

Digital media skills such as branding, advertising, app development, social media marketing, games and graphic design are in great demand now a days. Experts are needed in NGO to gain crowdfunding and support to social cause. 

After studying digital media course's one can pursue a career as a digital journalist, social media strategist, content writer, photographer,  video editor and illustrator  which are in demand.

To become a digital journalist, you need to learn the basics of journalism and digital media basic's. Digital journalists often report for news organizations and digital newswires websites. You will need additional training in writing content that will reach an audience.

As a digital journalist, you can get an opportunity to write reports on specific topics like politics, business, education, fashion, current affairs, health, and sports. 

A degree in mass media and digital journalism can be acquired from university in India and abroad. Some university offer both diploma and degree in Journalism and Mass Communication program with a online digital and social media media specialization.

Video editor-Graphic designers are in demand not only in the news and entertainment industry but also in digital marketing. As a video editor and graphic designer, my primary responsibility is to assign titles and descriptions to audio-visual content. Video editing software used is Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro. For graphics, you need to learn Adobe After Effects and Adobe Photoshop.

Students who want to pursue careers as video editors or graphic designers need to have a good knowledge of Adobe Creative Studio. Some institutes offer B.Sc. and M.Sc. in animation and visual effects to train them as professionals.

Web designers and developers are also fields that are in high demand lately. Page design of websites involves specialized skills. Web designers and developers should be trained in UX and UI, HTML and programming languages, server management, content management system, search engine optimization, and digital marketing.

Courses like BA in Digital and Mass Media, MA in Digital Media, and Diploma in Digital Media train students to pursue a career in digital media marketing.

A social media strategist needs specific leadership and communication management skills to execute a social media plan. A social media planner is required everywhere, even for a political party or a corporate.

The Government of India's Digital India program aims to transform India into a digitally empowered society. Digital media aims to generate adequate human resources.