Journalism and journalist are an essential part of a democratic society. It helps citizens stay informed and enables the government to function smoothly. However, not everyone with curiousness in journalism becomes a journalist. In many cases, people with good ideas for news stories refuse to follow through and become journalists because of the difficult work involved. By understanding why some people choose not to follow through on their interest in journalism, we can all help ensure the profession remains important.

A good start toward ensuring that journalism remains relevant is ensuring that news stories are interesting to non-journalists. For this reason, professional journalists rely on fact-finding missions in their assigned areas. They travel to learn about the issues facing the area they will cover and find out what other people think about those issues. This helps them create thoughtful stories and thoroughly research their subjects. People interested in journalism find out about issues via the work of journalists, which leads to better-informed citizens.

The work that journalists do benefits everyone else in the same way that it benefits informed citizens. Anyone can help a journalist by sharing his interests and making his job easier. For example, a restaurant owner could make his job much easier by letting a journalist hang around his establishment for a few hours at a time and write about it. This way, the journalist can learn how he makes his customers feel and what he can do to make them happy. This way, he can write an honest article that people in the restaurant industry will appreciate but that general readers also find interesting.

Every person also helps ensure that news stories remain interesting to non-journalist audiences by complimenting a journalist's work when necessary. Journalists need information from schools, businesses, and other institutions to complete their assignments. They are often unable to complete their work without sufficient contact with the appropriate parties. To secure this contract, some analysts recommend that journalists give positive feedback when necessary so that institutions know they are appreciated. This way, they can focus on uncovering important information instead of worrying about gaining enough contact with relevant parties to complete their work.

It is important to remember that not all uninterested people interested in journalism choose to pursue the career in journalism successfully. This is because journalism is a difficult field that requires dedication and hard work from its practitioners. Many people interested in journalism fail to secure jobs as reporters or editors due to poor interview skills or subpar work habits. Even if they do secure a position, they often underperform due to poor preparation or disinterest in their job. Whether someone becomes a successful citizen journalist largely depends on how willing they are to put in the necessary work first before enjoying the fruits of their labor.

Journalism is an essential part of any democratic society- it allows citizens to inform themselves and keep the government informed about issues affecting them directly. However, not everyone interested in journalism becomes a professional reporter or editor. We can help ensure both success and failure by making sure willing non-reporters feel confident enough to contribute to news media as free citizens.